About my work:


The most compelling point of interest for the designer is to develop a product which creates a positive experience for the consumer. - A product which simplifies and enhances the user’s experience. - A product which reaches a large number of people and consequently allows the designer the opportunity to constructively influence the consumer’s daily life.


In my philosophy; the purpose of adding a new product to the marked should be to either; offer a new product, add a new feature, or significantly improve upon an existing feature. Design in terms of appearance is important but not enough to validate production. A new design should excel on the following characteristics; usability, form, color, materials, sustainability, texture, ergonomics, and should, if relevant, link to other products in a series. Additionally, I think a product should have a fair amount of humor. Elements such as price and quality are equally important in the development process as they are the base condition for the consumer to buy the product and thus for its very existence.


Every product contains some element of compromise – design is not art – art is lack of compromise. Designing is to evaluate necessary compromises and to decide which are essential, giving the product the greatest functionality. Creating new designs can be quite a puzzle. If you miss a piece the rest of the puzzle will not work no matter how much you may like it.


My work in the kitchen tools business is partly due to circumstance, but I find this field exciting and challenging because of its progressiveness. A new product has to be analysed in every aspect before putting it in production. Another factor which I find enjoyable is that contrary to other design areas; kitchen utensils are not partly developed by constructors, allowing the designer to be part of the entire development process.